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Sydney Singles

Sydney is a city which offers something for everyone. So, those who may be planning a date are obviously keen to learn some of the best and most engaging activities to be enjoyed. What do they offer? Why are they perfect for a date and what are a handful of the unique experiences that will leave a lasting impression? Let's take a look at what many consider to be the top five locations to bring a date to in Sydney.

A Cruise on a Sydney Tall Ship - It is said that there is always a certain amount of romance involved with sailing. So, it only stands to reason that a Sydney Tall Ship cruise can be the perfect idea for a first date. Not only will you be able to enjoy truly breathtaking views of Circular Quay and the nearby Sydney Harbour Bridge, but these traditional sailing vessels are simply stunning to behold. As if these benefits were not enough, you can also sit back and listen to a professional acoustic guitar player while sipping on the cocktail of your choice.

The Sydney Observatory - Why not spend a night under the stars during your first date? Escape the lights and glare of the city centre by taking an excursion to the famous Sydney Observatory. This scintillating Sydney dating site offers one-hour guided tours and if the weather permits, you and your romantic interest can even gaze through a telescope to view celestial objects such as the moon and the Southern Cross. Take romance to truly stellar heights with this one-of-a-kind idea!

A Cool Serving of Ice Cream - This Sydney dating site is perfect for those who are looking for a light-hearted excursion during a night out on the town. Gelato Messina has grown famous for its delectable treats and in particular, for its selection of tasty ice cream cones. You can eat this ice cream within the shop or instead take a casual stroll through the park. Either way, this is a great conversation starter and it can be just as appropriate later in the evening before the date ends.

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Row, Row, Row Your Boat - If you're a pair of Sydney singles looking for a more hands-on experience then a two-hour boat rental is an excellent place to begin. Royal National Park is only a few minutes outside of the city centre by car and yet, you will feel miles away from the ordinary. The Audley Boatshed allows you to rent a comfortable boat equipped with a set of oars. Then, you can meander your way through a nearby lake or even go for a swim at Garie Beach. Rowing a boat has always been a traditional means to enjoy a bit of romance and if you have been looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, this is a great idea.

Dinner in the Sky - Although there is nothing wrong with a traditional candlelight dinner, you can also decide to take it up a notch and view the Sydney skyline from above. Between the months of October and March, you and your date can now enjoy a romantic dinner for two while riding the famous Luna Park Ferris wheel. Not only is this a very fun way to break the ice, but it will show your date that you are always "up" for something new. A three-course menu and a bottle of matching wine are provided. Be sure to book reservations in advance, for this is a very popular option!

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