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Perth Singles

Perth, Western Australia's capital city, has a population of over two million and consequently it has a thriving social scene and has plenty to offer a couple considering options for their dates. Perth has several distinct neighbourhoods each with something of interest to visitors and locals alike.

Whether you are a resident or have just travelled to Perth on vacation, there are some wonderful places to visit. This Australian city has numerous spots for sampling local and international cuisines, bars, cinemas, and parks.

Walks and Picnics

Enjoying a quiet walk in the park, visiting beautiful attraction sites or going on a picnic is a great way to enjoy an otherwise normal afternoon. Perth offers couples some amazing spots where you can have a nice time together. For instance, Herdsman Lake is a natural reserve a few kilometres from the city centre that offers the peace any couple looks for. Alternatively, you can enjoy watching wetland birds or bike riding together at The Coombe, Mosman Park. The place is secluded and unknown to many people, making it an ideal location for an afternoon romantic getaway. You will enjoy time away from Perth singles, other couples and the world.

Fine Dining

Bistro Guillaume, Friends Restaurant, Cecchi's, Resaurant Amusé - Depending on the restaurant that you settle on for your date you will enjoy the great ambience and savour the beautiful view of the sun setting over the Indian Ocean. Moreover, the great food and wine served in most of these restaurants will give you a great opportunity to connect with your special one. Take advantage of the calm atmosphere and quiet atmosphere to talk over dinner without having to shout. Lot 20, St. Michael and Nobu are two more of the best restaurants in the city.


If you enjoy having a drink with that special person in your life then choosing a bar in Perth for your date may be a good option. At the same time this will give wine lovers a chance to sample different grapes and vintages.

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Cocktail lovers can enjoy a wide variety of concoctions. Whatever the type of drink you enjoy this may be a good chance to try out something new. Try the Helvetica cocktail bar, Varnish on King for whiskey and Bar Lafayette.


Film lovers can choose between several locations for their next films; Windsor Cinemas, Luna Leederville, and Cinema Paradiso are clean, well laid out, and have comfortable snack areas. They feature general release and the more artistic and fringe films.


Australian beaches are world famous and those in this location attract Perth singles and couples who throng to them throughout the year. Floreat is a popular choice and of course, food and drink are close to hand - try the Floreat Kiosk. North Swanbourne is about 20 minutes by car from Perth but be aware that clothing is optional at this beach. Further south in the city City Beach which gives its name to a suburb as well as the beach itself. Army Beach is another option but for a full list try this guide to the beaches of Perth as there are so many. Obviously it depends on how far you want to travel out of the city and what you want to do when you get there. Do you want seclusion and wide open, empty spaces, or do you want hustle and bustle with water sports, bars, and other amenities?

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Perth singles