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Melbourne Singles

For Night Owls

To kick off a long night of dancing, dress to impress and head up to The Deck, an all-weather bar atop the Waterside Hotel. On Fridays there is a gourmet BBQ from 5.30pm followed by dancing and cocktails. If you find that you’re hitting it off and don’t want the night to end, change the pace by heading for late night (or early morning) snacks. Bar Ampere and Boiler Maker House both take orders till 3am, so if all that dancing brought on a craving for a charcuterie plate or gruyere burger, you know where to go.

For Art Aficionados

At the Heide Museum of Modern Art there are bound to be plenty of talking points. There are three exhibition spaces, a sculpture park and cafe, and if conversation falters you may be able to ignite the senses in the two historic kitchen gardens. For a wilder art experience, head into the back alleys and side streets of the city to discover the street art. Discover art off Flinders Lane between Russell and Swanston Streets, Union Lane off the Bourke Street Mall and Blender Lane off Franklin Street.

For Nature Lovers

Zoo Twilights offers Melbourne singles a grown up trip to the zoo with a romantic feel. If special early evening entry to see the animals, followed by live music and dancing on the lawns isn’t special enough, you’ll also be helping to save the endangered Eastern Barred Bandicoot - who could resist such a sensitive soul? For night-time wildlife spotting with a hint of uncertainty you could take your partner to the Royal Botanical Gardens after dark and cosy up to wait for a glimpse of the owls who sometimes glide by.

For a thrilling date, with a romantic twist, grab your partner and take to the skies. Global Ballooning offer sunrise flights taking in breath-taking sights over Melbourne and the Yarra Valley, and can also include breakfast.

Find Love Online

Perhaps only the most daring Melbourne singles should consider the next option; Lantern Ghost Tours are willing to guide you around some of the city’s most chilling haunted locations. Choose from tours such as the Old Town, Pentridge Prison, Alton Homestead, and more (some including dinner). This date is guaranteed to get pulses racing, and might see you taking home someone, or something, unexpected!

For the Romantic

If you prefer fluttering lashes to fluttering bats, you need to ramp up the romance. An afternoon’s boating at the charming Fairfield Park Boathouse, opened in 1908, has no doubt been the venue for many a fledgling love affair, and could be the start of your own fairy-tale voyage. For a dreamy time without the water, roll up your picnic rug, pack your basket with chocolate and oysters, and meet in the beautiful surroundings of Rippon Lea House and Gardens. The enchanting atmosphere along with the lavish picnic you have lovingly prepared are sure to be enough to make any date swoon.

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