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Do you ever feel that there is so much choice available to us that it's just too confusing? You decide to buy or try something and you set about hunting down your objective only to find that you've got to make dozens of decisions at every turn. Even buying a cup of coffee presents us with a bewlidering choice of flavours, beans, and brewing options.

Best Dating Australia aims to make life simple for the online dater. We offer you a website that has enough features to make the whole experience interesing and fun, but not so overloaded with gimmicks that you grow tired of choosing what to do next.

Once you've spent a little while finding your way around the site you'll probably be ready to upgrade your account so that you can start sending messages and reading those sent to you, but the fun doesn't stop there; you can also send virtual gifts, record a video introduction and try a few other things while your browse our membership. Here's a summary of what's in store:

  • Browse and read the full profiles of all members
  • View all photo collections and videos
  • Send and receive messages
  • Try the Personality Profile & Horoscope Dating
  • Keep an online diary about your membership
  • Read other diaries and get to know other members
  • And more...

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People join dating sites in order to find people with whom they can eventually go out with on dates (yes, really!) and not to spend hours trying to get the latest feature to work. We've built a site that is simple and robust. You register, fill out a few details, upload a photo and you're ready to start your search for new contacts and a new partner.

However, a dating site should be fun to use and that's we've added functions that make the experience enjoyable without being too distracting, and our programmers research and test new features that can be introduced to the site in order to keep it ahead of the game.

There's a more for you to discover inside. Why not sign up and take look around?

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