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Brisbane Singles

Brisbane, ironically is known as ‘BrisVegas’ but in terms of searching for love, that name actually rings very true as the City’s dating scene can be compared to a gamble! While you will certainly find many Brisbane singles around the city, knowing where to actually pin them down takes more effort. Brisbane is not only a huge and great city but it also offers singles lots of sites and venues to explore. If you are single and looking for a date or a venue to chat him or her, Brisbane actually offers them in plenty.

Irish Murphy's on 175 George Street

If you are keen on meeting lots and lots of new faces, drinking lots of Guinness and swaying to live or karaoke music, Irish Murphy’s may just be your best option. This is a favourite meeting place for singles! On busy nights, the place gets loud, but thoughtfully they have provided an escape for quieter moments in a special upstairs section. This part offers small rooms that are suitable for private chats as well an impressive view from the veranda of the Brisbane River. Should that chance downstairs encounter turn into a possibility for something more serious calling for some more privacy, the upstairs section is quite romantic.

Blackbird on 123 Eagle Street

Decorated using a fun G1920's Prohibition-era vibe, this is one of the best Brisbane bars, an excellent venue for a nice quiet meal. It’s an even better when you are seeking your next special one. One level of the Blackbird offers outstanding food according you the opportunity to visit again for a second date. The bar and restaurant areas have been split so that you can have your pick. You cannot afford to miss checking out the patio—the views over the Story Bridge and Brisbane River are truly romantic, especially at night. The Blackbird patio has been stocked with chairs that offer maximum comfort as you chat away!

Try Garuva

With a rainforested foyer, mellow unique ambiance, meticulously cooking, and silk cushions, Garuva makes an excellent bet when you want to impress. For Brisbane singles who want some more privacy, the tables have been discretely screened from the views of other diners by sheer curtains. This novel touch makes sure that you experience the unique vibrancy and tranquillity offered by the restaurant dining along with companionship provided by a private booking.

Find Love Online

Of course, it’s not every romantic venture or dating that takes place after dark. If you are into daytime dating, Brisbane is teeming with excellent options for the perfect relaxed daytime date. For instance, South Bank is a relaxed, wonderful place if you are on your first date. Take a beautiful afternoon walk through the bougainvillea-covered harbour walkways. To the south of Brisbane, the South Bank precinct offers The Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. This venue has lots of fine conversation starters for those who are creatively-inclined.

The Melbourne Cup

For the single guys, the Melbourne Cup is the one day event each year when all those beautiful girls step out to play. Grab the annual chance, dress smart, smell great and be ready to capture a heart. Grab a few fellow singles, book a table in one of the many restaurants at the venue that is organising this year’s Melbourne Cup Event and try your luck with her. Besides being a great day to for fun dressing, this is the right place to start a romantic conversation with the endless girls.


Humans are essentially communal beings; with a strong need to belong and for singles, to get suitable opposite gender company. But when you are in a sprawling urban place like Brisbane with endless 18+ year olds literally dominating the main streets, it becomes quite exhausting, challenging to get the right person. But with the above Brisbane singles dating venues suggestions, you will not only boost your odds of meeting the right person but also have the right atmosphere to initiate a potentially fruitful relationship!

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Online Dating For Brisbane Singles

Single Brisbane WomenGone are the days when we kept internet relationships secret, because it seemed weird and somehow wrong to meet people that way. These days, dating sites abound, and there's no reason to be ashamed of meeting someone new through the web. Brisbane dating sites abound, connecting singles from all over the area with each other, and giving them a chance to find "the one."

Most relationships start casually, so having things to do on a date can make breaking the ice a lot easier. More people meet now for lunch or an after work drink than they do for dinner on the first date. Less pressure, less intimacy, and more of a relaxed vibe give people meeting for the first (or second!) time a chance to get to know each other before committing to a long dinner. Brisbane has a lot of hot indie cafes to choose from, dotting the city. Sit down over tapas at the Galley on Scarborough, near Scarborough Beach Park. Great water views and good eats! A very casual, vintage-inspired atmosphere lends itself to relaxed conversation. Tapas is also a good way to get to know someone, as the whole concept is about sharing.

Single Brisbane MenEating out on a budget isn't impossible, either. Brisbane dating sites have people of all ages and socio-economic statuses, and the city is good at catering to all. Why not have an all-you-can-eat pasta meal on a Monday night at Gianni's? It's a laid-back atmosphere with delicious, filling food at reasonable prices. Just because you're a student or in your first job, doesn't mean you can't date!

Queensland has a great climate, with year-round outdoor activities that make first dates easy and stress-free. If you want to meet on the weekend, the Jan Power's Markets on a Saturday are a good place to browse, grab a coffee, and just chat. If it's Sunday, why not the Sunday Sessions on the Green, on the South Bank River Quay? Split a bottle of wine, listen to some music...who knows where the mood might lead you? The Roma Street Parklands are lovely to stroll through, with their paths and urban waterfall installation.

When you're chatting and making arrangements to meet via a Brisbane dating site, find out what the other person is into. Do they like music and movies, or are they more the outdoor type? Don't take them to a top-notch seafood establishment just to find out at too late they have a deadly allergy. Ask questions! That's what dating sites are for!

So instead of hiding the fact that you're online dating, celebrate it. People of all ages and classes are doing it now. From students, to executives, to retirees. It is an easy way to meet people who share your interests, who you may not have otherwise met just by bumping into them on the street. Online dating is no longer about the lonely basement dweller and his love of comic books. It's time to come out of the basement and out into the bright Brisbane sunshine! You just might be meeting the person of your dreams.

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